I’m in a blogging group. This week we’re supposed to be writing about “Organization.”

This is not a topic I can write about with much credibility because I struggle with organizing. Closets, drawers, big projects. Somehow my brain can’t break down the tasks or envision the way to completion.

When the subject of organizing comes up two things come to mind…my sister Lisa and my Bullet Journal.

When I want to organize something, I call Lisa. She’s awesome at organizing things.

When it’s time to organize my closet, switch out the winter for spring summer clothes…I call her. She helps me sort through clothes and accessories, helps me decide what to keep and what to give away. With her help, a closet becomes organized in a couple of hours…left to my own devices? There’s just no telling. When I’m trying to figure out how to make my laundry area in the basement more organized, cuter, more efficient, it’s her counsel I seek. She has that organizational eye for things. She sees an area in need of organization and she knows what to do.


So, I don’t have it in me to write a blog post on the subject of “Organization” I can’t do it…not with a straight face anyway. And it would be a rather short post…Need Something Organized? Find your Lisa.

Instead, I’ll  give a plug to my favorite, best ever, changed my life organizational tool…

The Bullet Journal.

A bullet journal is the single best thing I ever started using to get and keep myself organized.

Heard about the bullet journal?

It takes a little time to wrap your head around the bullet journal, but it’s worth it. In a nutshell, a bullet journal is an all in one analog system and tool to keep track of anything and everything. Bullet journaling? It changed my life!

Things I Love About My Bullet Journal (that you might like too!)

The index

Who knew that an index on the first page of a notebook would be the key to opening the endless possibilities of a notebook’s use. An index in the front of a notebook…brilliant!


Fewer Notebooks

I got to throw out all those notebooks I was hanging onto. Notebooks hung onto forever because there were notes from a conference I attended in one, someones’ address I might need, brilliant ideas, a book someone mentioned, all buried in the pages of notebooks. With a Bullet Journal, you don’t need the notebook, Books To Read, People I Met, Brilliant Ideas are collections you can include in your bullet journal. I still always have a notebook handy, but once the pages are filled I give it a look through once. Anything worth “keeping” is transferred to a collection in the bullet journal and the notebook can be tossed. Yeah!

It can be Adapted to Individual Use

My bullet journal is my calendar and to do list, it’s also my book of lists, books I want to read, ideas for blog posts, it’s where I keep track of projects I’m working on too. I can track anything, do anything…all from the 240 plus pages of a Moleskin notebook. A teacher’s bullet journal? A stay at home mom? A project manager? College student? The bullet journal can and does work for anyone and the way they want to use it.

It’s Paper

I’m a pen and paper person. I remember more of what I write by hand than what I type, and too, paperless is out of sight, and for me,  out of sight is “out of mind” The bullet journal is tangible, and tangible works better for me.

Bullet Journal frees up mind space

The creation of my “Brain Dump” collection was mental bliss. To clear mental clutter, to get stuff out of my head? Aaaah. All that stuff I tried to remember? My bullet journal remembers for me.


Things on my to-do list? Bills I need to pay when? Birthdays? Tasks? Events? Notes? The bullet journal offers the way to manage all of those things. I’d like to read more, write more, and drink more water? A simple tracker in my bullet journal reminds me to do the things I’ve decided are important to me.


Lisa is my go-to organizational guru…my bullet journal is the place where I keep the list of things that need organizing and the reminders to call her for help. Does it get any more organized than that!?

When it comes to organizing, the Amy Curtis Group really does have you covered…Lisa in her ways, and me in mine. Need help organizing? Give us a holler. Want to move? We can help with that too…we’re organized!

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  1. Gwen Daubenmeyer

    Great post, Amy. I really love the explanation of how you use your bullet. I love mine, too, but use it entirely different. That’s the great thing about organizing our things or our thoughts, there’s no right or wrong.

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