Word Wednesday…Kitchen




  1. a room or area where food is prepared and cooked.


My mom painted the kitchen cabinets an antique red. She painted them decades before there was HGTV, decades before Martha Stewart was a household name. I can still see the counters…the blue swirly countertops with a stainless steel edge. And the wallpaper with the red and blue to pick up the colors of both those antique red cabinets and the swirly blue counters. I don’t think the kitchen would have made a Pinterest board, but it was her kitchen.

It was a little kitchen with just enough room for the small round maple table.

And the meals that woman prepared in that little kitchen. Beef roasts, tuna casseroles, out of this world soups, loaves of crusty bread, vegetables and salads. Delicious meals, all of them.



And each night at dinner time she’d set out the placemats and light the candles. And we’d share a meal and our day with one another.



I loved that kitchen. Loved those antique red cabinets and the ahead of her time woman that painted them. The aroma of each night’s deliciousness, the candlelight, and its comforting ambiance, and the good company in that kitchen,┬áthe days and the meals shared make for the fondest of memories.


I see lots of kitchens. I often have to break the news to my seller clients that buyers will perceive their little kitchens as cramped and outdated. Buyers want big open kitchens, islands with stools and appliances in stainless steel. So we work on the “outdates” and with some tweaks and staging we update as realistically as makes sense.

But I see those cramped little-outdated kitchens, their Formica┬ácounters, the wallpaper…and I think about the meals that may have been prepared, and wonder the day’s stories told, wonder if they lit candles at dinnertime too. I think about the sights and aromas and good company and memories those kitchens hold.

In real estate, “kitchen” is about updating and appliances, counter space and cabinets. And I know the value of and appreciate the beauty of an updated well-appointed kitchen. But in real life, a kitchen is one you make your own… kitchen is the people and the meals and the day’s stories shared. A kitchen is the memories made.

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