Amy’s House and The White House

Election years are always a little heated at “Amy’s House.”

Along the political spectrum, my husband Dave are on opposite ends.  We agree on almost nothing. We’re Mary Matalin and James Carville (I’m James) without the notoriety or guest spots on Fox news or MSNBC.

Each election year we tell each other we just wont talk about it.  Never works.

During campaigns our morning coffee time includes some political sparring over “my guy…” and “your guy…”.  Sometimes it gets a little heated but most often we just let it go.  After more than twenty years together, we’ve accepted the fact that we’ll NEVER change the others mind.

On election day we could just stay home; our votes really just cancel one another out. But we don’t. We vote. It’s one thing, maybe the only thing we do agree on…everyone should vote.

I was watching tv the other night and they had a clip of this video that I have since found on YouTube..I think it’s great, an inspiring little reminder of the importance of voting. It will make you smile no matter which guy you like.

So…whether you’re for Dave’s guy or my guy…from Amy’s house to your house…make your pick for theWhite House and vote!

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