Blouses and Houses by Amy Curtis

I don’t know how many mistakes I’ve made shopping clearance racks.

In hot pursuit of a bargain I flip through the garments, searching…20% off, flip, 40% off, 50% off, and then I see it, the 70% off tag, the $8 reduced from $29.99 blouse!! I feel that thrill of the kill rush and tell myself that this blouse, this bargain is so definitely $8 bucks worth of cute I’ve got to have it!

Or so I think. The thrill of the kill quickly wears off and inevitably, the blouse sits in my closet unworn.  The blouse doesn’t fit me well, or it doesn’t really suit me, it’s not my style or it just isn’t all that cute after all.

Was it a thrill to find such a bargain? Oh yeah!

Was it rock bottom cheap? Definitely.

Do I love the blouse? Not so much.

Turns out I was more attracted to  the price than the blouse itself. Since I don’t like the blouse and am not going to wear it, then my great bargain wasn’t such a bargain.  My great  bargain, while inexpensive, was just a big mistake!

This wild housing market with its distressed properties and overall depressed prices has brought out the bargain hunter in all of us.  Fixated on the bargain, driven by the thrill of the kill, the hunt begins!

It makes me cringe.

I cringe  when I hear a client tell me they want to focus their home search only on those distressed properties they’ve heard about it, those great bargains that are out there. I cringe when they tell me the story about their friend, brother, cousin, boss, mom’s friend from work who got this unbelievably incredible super fantastic great bargain deal on a house and they are excited to get the same.

I cringe because I worry that maybe they’ll pounce too quickly on a bargain house, that they’ll buy because of price  and just like my clearance rack blouse, once the thrill of the kill has worn off,  they will find themselves with a house that doesn’t suit them or fit their needs, a  house that just isn’t the home they wanted.

I cringe because a house is such a huge expensive investment.

I cringe because home is too important a place to sacrifice love of house for a bargain.

Should the home of your dreams be one of those distressedbargain properties so be it, but if it’s not. keep searching. Buy a house you’ll love.  Bottom line, no house is a bargain unless you love it!

So my advice…

When you need a bargain fix, buy a blouse; but when it comes to a house, buy the one you love.

Happy shopping!

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