Good House Hunting by Amy Curtis

Good Will Hunting, the 1996 film starring Matt Damon and Robin Williams is one of my favorite movies. I love the story, the characters, the dialogue…it’s just so good.  There’s a scene in the movie that has always stuck with me. It’s the scene of one of Will’s therapy sessions in which Will’s is telling his  therapist Shawn , played by Robin Williams about the perfect girl that he has met and Shawn in response tells Will about his late wife.  He tells Will about how it was his wife’s little idiosyncrasies, her little quirks that only he knew about that he most remembered and loved about her. He says, “People call these things imperfections Will. It’s just who we are. And we get to choose who we’re going to let into our weird little worlds. You’re not perfect. And let me save you the suspense, this girl you met isn’t perfect either. The question is, whether you are perfect for each other.  You can know everything in the world, but the only way you’re findin’ that one out is by giving it a shot.”

Love that scene, there’s just such truth in it.  It’s true in relationships and love and I believe it’s true when it comes to buying a home.

There’s such pressure on homebuyers today, either self-inflicted or otherwise, to find the “perfect” house, at the “perfect” time for the “perfect“price, to make the “perfect” deal.  With their must haves checklist of that perfect house in hand and armed with all the information they’ve found on the internet or seen on HGTV, and all the advice they’ve received from family and friends, so many homebuyers come to the process all stressed out and worried about finding the “perfect.”  And yet, the truth is, there simply is no “perfect”.  Only “perfect for each other.”

When working with buyers, I welcome their checklists, welcome the knowledge they’ve gleaned and bring to the process.  I think it is a good idea for a homebuyer to have a general idea of what they’re looking for. But my hope is always that they will leave themselves open to the possibilities,  to embrace their weird little worlds and trust the process.  Because the truth is, more times than not, it just happens.

It’s a pretty cool thing to see, and I’ve seen it happen time and time again. A buyer walks into a house, and realizes they’ve found their home.  Sometimes the house has all the items on the checklist but more often it does not.  Usually it’s the very  idiosyncrasies of the house that speak to them and checklists and logic give way to that unmistakable, undeniable feeling that this is the one, the “perfect for each other “one.

So…my advice…


Discard the idea of perfect!

Embrace your weird little world and get ready…the perfect for each other home awaits!

Good house hunting.

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